Why Big Sky?

I awoke to the usual sound of loud thumping above me from which is obviously an elephant learning to tango with a grizzly, but more likely my upstairs neighbor putting on ski boots. I lay in the dark briskness of my tiny shared room wondering if I should cave in and get up for the day. My body was tired, achy, and worn down. I survived the holiday madness of a ski resort. It was a blur of 10/11 hour days without a moment to eat, or think about anything other than what task needed to be done next.

Even my place of work has a nice view.

I had come here to work but also to ski. I had only gone out once in the 3 weeks I had been living here. My feet hurt and were swollen so I opted to again not go out on the slopes. I hadn’t bought skis yet and didn’t want to hassle with renting. I got up and made coffee the smell filled my shoebox of a room and I already started to feel better about my day off. I sorted laundry and scrounged for quarters. $3 a load is annoying, but I like to smell and look nice… I reorganized for the 5th time trying to make the best use of my space. Luckily my roommate has similar taste in decorations and organization so everything was mostly uncluttered and made the room feel homey.

You can still cook in this space but you’ll have to eat on the bed…

When I stepped outside I was reminded again why I was here. This place is gorgeous and people from all over the world pay good money to ski and stay here. It reaffirmed those long days and my need to hit the slopes.

The scenery out my window.

I went into work to ask about the new schedule now that the holidays were over. I figured things would settle in and perhaps give all of us a much needed break. With all of the snow deprivation in the popular areas of Colorado and Utah many were switching trips and headed to Big Sky. It had snowed 2 feet in 2 days and people were “chasing freshies” as they say. There won’t be much of a break I don’t believe.

My car buried from fresh powder!

My good friend Darby who I graduated Boise State with and followed out here caught me at work and immediately scolded me for not skiing. She was right I should get out there. It was the right nudge I needed and I set out to explore the mountain!

Nothing like fresh snow to get your attitude back on track.

This place is massive with 5,800 acres, 24 lifts, 300+ runs with the longest run being 6 miles, you’ll never run out of fun places to ski. It is also not super cold averaging 25 degrees over the season. After taking several afternoon runs in the beautiful sun my energy and conviction to answer a common question friends and family ask me…”Why Big Sky?”

Spend an hour here on the slopes and look around.

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