Toes Locked in Interlaken

The sun was bright and it made the room hot. Despite being tired from the major delay arriving to Interlaken I decided to get up and open the window. My. Breath. Was. Taken. Away. A piece of my heart ripped out and my stomach fluttered. I had arrived in the most beautiful place ever.

The mountains here are incredible. Take the Tetons and Sawtooths stack them on top of one another and maybe just maybe you can understand the epicness of the peaks in Interlaken. Sleep be damned I wanted to go explore!


I met some of my G Adventure tour group for breakfast and decided to join the Aussie couple Pat and Amanda white water rafting. I liked them as they made me laugh, never serious and all about having a good time in the moment. After breakfast I joined my tour-guide Andrea along with Pat, Amanda and a few other tour mates on a walk in Interlaken.

This town is unreal, like seriously a model town with the cutest peaked roofs and shutters framing every window. The place is perfect. Turquoise water flows through the center of town making the white stucco pop against the black snow capped peaks. There are splashes of red everywhere just to remind you that you are in Switzerland.


After exploring the quaint little mountain town the Aussie couple and I wanted a cheap lunch and headed to the local supermarket. We bought beer, bread, pasta salad, and fruit and headed back to Hostel Balmers. We settled in to the backyard of the hostel made up of giant hammocks, life sized chess board, foosball table and bar with plenty of seating. The backyard of this hostel slightly slightly made up for the horrific showers. The kind of showers where you make sure to wear your sandals and wonder what kind of floaties were in the trough of gross in front of you. Along with 30 second intervals of cold water it made for quite the cleaning experience.

Feeling ready for our rafting adventure we headed to the lobby to meet our rafting guide. The guide who picked us up was a freespirit who couldn’t accept that my Chacos “locked in” my big toes. He said

“I wake up in my van every morning to this view and think ‘wow this is my life’. Then I roll over and see my beautiful woman and know this is the life.”

Maybe I can learn a thing or two from him, but I like my toes secure.

Rafting in Switzerland is as cool as you think it would be. The River Aare is almost a blueish-gray and there was no warm up. Thrust straight into a class 4 rapid, I along with Amanda, were nearly tossed overboard 2 minutes in. Luckily we tucked just in time and the rest of the trip was a pretty big rush! With expert navigating skills we made it to the Brienzersee glacial lake and took the opportunity to go for a swim in the 40°F water. It was cold but incredibly refreshing and I have never felt so happy, alive, and content. I felt I belonged in that water and Switzerland had stolen another piece of my heart. Once back at rafting headquarters they reward you with Beer! Swiss Cheese! and Bread! I love you Switzerland.


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